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Welcome to Mamas and Cubs , where we offer the ultimate 1:1 support package for all parents who need a helping hand navigating the journey of parenthood.

As a mother herself, Holly Crabtree understands firsthand the challenges that come with raising a child in today's world. Her own journey into motherhood was not without its difficulties, and she quickly realized that the traditional "village" of support that once surrounded new mothers seemed to have vanished.


In a time where parenting advice is abundant yet often conflicting, Holly recognized the need for a reliable, knowledgeable, and compassionate source of support for all parents.

With over 10 years of experience working closely with families, Holly has developed a deep understanding of the unique needs and concerns that parents face. Drawing from her own experiences and professional expertise, she has meticulously crafted the ultimate 6-pillar program aimed at providing comprehensive support to parents at every stage of their journey.

At Mamas and Cubs, we believe in the power of personalized guidance and unwavering support. Our 1:1 support package offers parents the opportunity to work closely with Holly herself, receiving tailored advice and strategies designed to address their specific challenges and goals.

But our commitment to supporting parents doesn't stop there. In addition to our personalized coaching sessions, we provide a wealth of online resources, including articles, videos, and workshops, to empower parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive.

With our 3-monthly support structure, parents can rest assured knowing that they have a trusted friend and professional by their side every step of the way. Whether you're struggling with sleepless nights, feeding challenges, behavior issues, or simply feeling overwhelmed, Holly is here to offer guidance, reassurance, and encouragement.

Parenthood is a journey unlike any other, and it's okay to ask for help along the way.

A Toddler and a Baby
Baby Portrait


Our mission is to support mothers on their journey through motherhood, providing a nurturing space where they can find both emotional support and the opportunity to prioritize their fitness.


We believe in fostering a holistic approach that empowers mothers to navigate the challenges of parenthood while embracing a healthy and active lifestyle.


BA Honours degree Paediatric nursing 

BA Honours degree in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing 

Nurse Prescriber 

Group Fitness Instructor with Pre and Post qualification 

Full clear DBS 

CPR and first aid trained 

Level 3 Safeguarding Children 

Innovative award for Weaning group 

iHV Healthy weight Champion for Children and Young people 

NBO (New born observation) trained 

Trained in sling wearing 

Qualified Antenatal Yoga Instructor


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