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Fussy Infants Colic/Reflux/Constipation


Attention all concerned parents of little ones struggling with reflux Colic and your Fussy infant! Let's have an open and honest discussion about our babies' well-being and the genuine support they deserve. Here's the reality: despite the health services best efforts, I remain firm in my disagreement with the healthcare system's approach to managing reflux, silent reflux, and colic in babies. It simply isn't adequate. Who is standing up for those babies who are left waiting months or even years to "outgrow" their discomfort? Who is advocating for those who are prescribed medications not approved for infants, only to find their symptoms worsening? Who is offering hope to parents told to endure their baby's cries of pain without any real solution? I hear you. I experience it daily through the messages I receive from parents who are frustrated after countless appointments with healthcare professionals who can't provide the answers they need. Enjoy my fussy babies course where you will learn all about baby brain development and managing fussy infants. This course includes symptom trackers, presentations in bitesized chunks and handouts to get you on your journey,




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