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I do not know how to use my sling how can I make sure it is safe?
First of all, your sling should have come with instructions. If it is second hand, please make sure you check the straps and seams of the sling before using it. Most manufacturers will have online guides for their slings. It is important that you familiarise yourself with how the sling fits with your baby. As your baby grows, you will adapt the sling to meet your child’s needs.

How do the bookings work? 

You book your block. Choose your start date. Book your individual sessions. 

What sling should I wear?
A buckle sling that is TICK’s approved as per guidelines from

How can I keep my baby safe whilst working out?

All workouts will be low impact to protect your baby/child and your pelvic floor! However,
there are things to consider.
Many carriers on the market will hold babies very low down and this makes them loose in
the sling. Babies who are younger or asleep will therefore slump and their nose and mouth
will press against the fabric. This will compromise their airway. A good sling is a good
It is important that head support in the sling does not tip the babies head forwards and the
chin should not face the chest. You need to ensure that your baby is kept safe at all times
and this will always be top priority throughout all mamas and cubs classes. Babies that fall
asleep halfway through the class will need repositioning.
There should not be any empty gaps that your baby can slump into, as some cheaper
carriers will risk bigger gaps. When your child is facing inwards a “hands” worth of gap (not
fist) is a good indicator of a safe gap between you and your baby.
Alongside TICKS make sure :
BROAD BASE – This allows babies to rest and helps to reduce rocking and side-slip.
M SHAPE – knees higher than bottom a “squat” like position. Their pelvic position goes into a “tuck”
which helps fits with babies natural shape and encouraging optimum hip development.
CHEST TO CHEST WITH CHIN UP – ensuring an open air way.
PELVIC TUCK SUPPORTED SPINE IN J SHAPE – If you go to the side and look in the mirror you will see
a lovely “J” shape.

It is really hot what should my baby wear?
Prolonged carrying can increase the chances of your baby sleeping so be mindful of any naps and
adjust your sling as appropriate. Babies may need more milk/cooled boiled water in hot weather.

My baby is older is the “M” shape really important ?
As your baby/child gets older the M shape is LESS important. HOWEVER, it is important that legs
aren’t dragging for long periods of time if asleep. When babies are awake they will inevitably move

What happens if my baby is asleep in the carrier?
If the sling is too loose then their airway could be compromised, as you would adjust on a walk it is
important to do so during the workout. This is especially important to move your baby inwards if
they fall asleep outwards. The instructor may encourage you to do so. 

My baby is older than 4 months can they face forwards?
All slings have their own guidelines, it is important that you go with your baby’s individual needs and
safely assess their head strength.

What position is best for working out, front or rear facing?
The choice of best positioning will vary from person to person. This will depend on individual
circumstances and head control. I would encourage all parents attempting forward facing sling
wearing before 4 months to do so with caution.
Be mindful that there is much less support for a baby’s head and neck facing forwards as the chest
offers stability. Be mindful of your baby’s head control throughout the workout.
Facing forwards will not harm the hips if the sling is used correctly.

I had a C-section, when can I start?

I would encourage anyone who had a C-section to speak with their GP prior to attending any fitness classes. The general rule is that ladies who had a C-section wait at LEAST 10 weeks before starting exercise.

It is really cold, what shall I put my baby in?
Remember the carrier adds an extra later to baby’s clothing and your body will act as a heater
especially as you get warmer. Sling wearing may induce sleepiness, so it is important to keep a close
eye on your baby at all times. Do not put your baby in a snow suit in the sling as they will likely get
too hot. It is harder to assess breathing in thick clothing. Thin layers that can easily be removed are
recommended, or thin coats that can easily be removed. Check your baby’s temperature by checking
their core and assess for flushing at all times. Remember, when you remove layers you may have to
tighten the sling.

My baby needs feeding whilst in the sling can I still do this and work out?
Babies, especially under 4 months, are nasal breathers. Feeding in a sling has risks associated with
poor airway management so I would encourage all mums who need to feed their babies to do so
before the class begins if possible, or stop the class and feed baby. Then return them to a safe
position in the carrier.

How do I check for diastasis recti?

Please see videos on the website that demonstrate how to check for diastasis recti. It is important to speak with your GP about any separation of the abdominals before attending any classes.

I haven’t recently attended an exercise class and feel a novice, is this class for me? 

Absolutely! There will be a variety of modifications throughout the class

What if my baby needs feeding and I miss the class?

I really encourage you to try and feed your baby prior to class, but if they need feeding please do NOT worry. You can feed your baby in the class throughout the session.

What if my baby is unsettled ?

This is absolutely fine you can settle your baby throughout the class. They are an absolutely priority. If you need to carry your baby in a non-carry session this is also fine.

There will be music on, will my baby need ear defenders?

This is entirely up to you. The music will be on at a level that it suited for all babies and safe. However, babies hearing is very sensitive and if you feel more comfortable with supplying ear defenders please feel free.

What age can my baby attend ?

For the  Mamas and Cubs post natal fitness class your baby can come along as soon as you have had your 6 week review with your GP (or 10 weeks post C-section). Toddlers are welcome up to 2.5 years.  If you are attending the CarryCubs then please ensure that your baby as sufficient head strength to be carried in the sling. We say around 10 weeks, however if your baby was premature then it may be worth waiting until they are bigger and more resilient to withstand being in a sling for the duration of the class.

What if my baby is asleep in the pram?

This is absolutely fine you can leave your baby in the pram either awake or asleep throughout the duration of the class. 

My baby is sick! What can I do?

If your baby is too unwell to attend then mamas and cubs recommend that you do not attend the session to reduce the risk of cross contamination of infection. If your baby has a diarrhoea or sickness bug they need to be symptom free for 48 hours before attending group. You can re-arrange a session with 72 hours notice.

I booked the course and my baby started walking, can I still attend?

This is absolutely fine. The Mamas and Cubs post natal fitness class is up until 2.5 years. 

I have a prolapse can I still exercise?

You will need to be signed off by your midwife or GP if you have a prolapse of any kind before attending the fitness groups.

Can I cancel or re-arrange individual sessions?

If you have booked a session and cannot attend please contact Mamas and Cubs and we can look into rearranging this for you

How do I know I am ready to exercise post birth?

This is a really subjective question! I would recommend all ladies see their GP before starting exercise and listen to their bodies. This is also dependant on the type of birth you have had. 

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