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How to use a sling safely for exercise

Movement and gentle activity in the early months after your baby is born is good for mental and physical health. Moving with your baby is a lovely way to bond with them and develop a sense of shared rhythm.

Mamas and Cubs focuses on your fitness and recovery whilst bonding through gentle movements.

All choreography routines will be devised by professionals who have knowledge of infant handling and physiology. They are specifically training in post natal exercise and will have had additional training on sling wearing.

It is vital that all infants have STRONG head control before taking part and head support is top priority throughout the exercises.

In the summer months the instructor will ensure that the room temperature is safe for babies to be in their slings.

It is important that mothers are aware and alert to their infants needs at all times throughout the workout.


Sling beginners

  • All Sling beginners are encouraged to attend the class 20 minutes before starting so the instructor can assist with safe sling use.


How can I best prepare myself for CarryCubs?

  • Walking with your baby is a great start to build confidence and tolerance as your body recovers. It is important to think about good alignment and posture, gradually increasing your speed and duration.

  • Babies enjoy being close to their mothers. So combining gentle exercise with sling wearing is a great way to get fit, but keep your baby close.


  • Your focus should always be on your child and their needs, a sling should hold your baby comfortably and safely with their airways protected and secure neck support. TICKS is a great guide to ensure your baby's safety.

  • A sling must be tight enough to hold your baby securely in a safe chin off chest position and this is especially true when movements extend from a normal walking movement.

  • Stretchy wraps are not advised for exercise because they become loose easily which could compromise the airway.

  • Movements will never allow a baby to be shaken, and will always be done with their head and neck position in mind.

  • Babies should not slump over the sling during the class, if you notice your baby has moved please advise the instructor and stop exercising immediately.

  • It helps to have your child’s bottom a finger-breadth above a padded waistband. This helps ensure that the panel doesn't get bunched up under the baby

  • At Mamas and Cubs your baby and children are top priority and will always come first

  • All trainers at Mamas and Cubs are trained in sling wearing

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